Breeding advise for newbies

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Breeding advise for newbies

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So I'm looking to breed my Cresties, once they hit weight. Was hoping to do so this year, but it's looking more like next year. I will not breed them before they hit weight and I'm thinking of purchasing a rtb female, but I'm not set on that yet as I'd need to find the right Crestie 😊

I was wondering if anyone might have any advise, something they wish they knew when they started out or just something you might think helpful, from pairing to selling. I've obviously done my research (a lot of research) and I'm not asking for the basics and I've kept Cresties from as little as 2grams.

I'm breeding for fun, not for profit, however I would be looking to sell some of them, probably to buy more 😊

I have a main goal that I want to achieve, but I was also wondering if I should be aiming for something in particular? I will keep any Cresties, should I find it hard to sell them, but would be a good idea for me to make sure I'm in the right section to help prevent this.

I have created a website, to show off my Cresties, I don't use social media and not looking to, but I would be selling on morph market and possibly pre-loved.

Anyway, thank you for reading and any advise would be great.